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The NK Worldwide is formed by experienced professionals with many years in the market and a large know how in international transport.

Working with the aligned and trustful team together with the strategies of action of the NK, results in great benefits for customers and partners, such as the reduction of costs on the shipments and the gain of agility in the transportation of goods and delivery for the final customer.

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Assist importers and exporters in the INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT in an integrated way, looking for client’s total satisfaction, with a high level of quality and compatible costs through the actions of qualified professionals.

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Freight Forwarder

Maritime and air transport in the import or export, with the structure for performing the pick-up/delivery of merchandise (door-to-door).

Road Transport

NK operates in international road transport, enabling integration between the countries of the South American continent and its cargoes.

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Specialized team

The NK has a trained and highly specialized team, with the constant followup in all stages of the shipment.

Network of direct agents

In addition to being part of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), thus ensuring a greater scope of its operations with the agents of the international network, and the possibility of offering competitive rates with agents of high quality around the world.

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Logistics management

Economy with Lead-time gain

The main goal of Logistics Management is to generate an expressive economy to the customer, with high quality in all stages of the process execution, from its origin to the final destination, both in import and export.

With total efficiency in choosing the most appropriate service for each type of shipment, always aiming its optimization and efficiency in the lead-time.

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